Places to eat in Albany, Oregon

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Calapooia Brewing Company      (88)

Address: 140 Hill St NE
Phone: 5419281931

Small, intimate, definitely a place for local beer lovers. We visited Calpooia on a Wednesday afternoon and were the only ones the pub guys didn't know by... more...

Pepper Tree Sausage House      (38)

Address: 1125 Salem Ave SE
Phone: 5419281254

Some days, the only way I can make myself go out for a long run is by dreaming of the PepperTree breakfast burrito that I'll have afterwards. At $3.50 a... more...

King Kone      (14)

Address: 1515 Salem Ave SE
Phone: 5419265668

Love this place. We started going his as kids for the best ice cream cone around. Thanks King Kone for always kicking ass and taking names. more...

Red Daisy Coffee Co.      (5)

Address: 115 Ellsworth St
Phone: 5419245668

I went to Starbucks to get some work done and it was freezing in there and not a seat left. I decided to find a local coffee bar and right over the bridge... more...

Sidekicks Dessert & Espresso      (12)

Address: 832 Lyon St
Phone: 5419677558

They just started serving cupcakes, I recommend the Bday Cake but the S'more looks yummy too. I really like their bagel sandwiches, or the cesaer salad in a... more...

Allann Bros Beanery CafĂ©      (11)

Address: 1852 Fescue St
Phone: 5418122500

It ain't cheap but offers a ton. The Beanery is a hidden cafe in an industrial park behind the Home Depot. Allman Bros. Coffee corporate offices are in... more...

Wine Depot & Deli      (6)

Address: 300 2nd Ave SW
Address: Ste 112
Phone: 5419679499

Had a lunch meeting at Wine Depot & Deli. All of the food was fresh and well prepared. I had a 1/2 veggie sandwich and salad. Yummmm! The staff was very... more...

Orange Julius      (4)

Address: 1975 14th Ave SE
Phone: 5417919524

Really love the place. You know what can you say about a classic? They have great drinks and friendly workers. The owner is a pretty nice guy too. more...

Sweet Red Bistro      (14)

Address: 208 W 1st Ave
Phone: 5417040510

Have been lunching in Albany all week and Sweet Red is the very best. My 91 year old mother even agrees. She loved her pesto panini. We will be going... more...

Java Network      (2)

Address: 5444 Pacific Blvd
Phone: 5419264631

This place combines two of my favorite drinks, coffee and beer. You can grab beer by the pint or get your growler filled with one of their 20 beers on... more...

7-Eleven Food Stores      (2)

Address: 6190 Pacific Blvd SW
Phone: 5419287150

I love that this place is always open. It's about 2 mins from my house and it always has everything I need. It holds up its name a convenient market thats... more...

Mega Foods      (3)

Address: 2000 Queen Ave SE
Phone: 5419677633

Excellent selection of mexican based spices and odd cuts of meat. Produce is excellent quality and usually the cheapest in town. Don't really recommend... more...

Santiam Liquor Store      (4)

Address: 2530 Pacific Blvd SE
Phone: 5419262887

Pretty good liquor store! I was impressed with the selection, the reasonable prices and the friendly staff. Low creeper index (important!!) and the place... more...

Tom Tom Deli & Market      (5)

Address: 321 Airport Rd SE
Phone: 5419282491

This is a review for the bathroom only as part of my "Are We There Yet? Potty Breaks on the 5" Yelp list. This bathroom earns 5 stars, a rarity in the... more...

Hastey Freeze      (1)

Address: 655 Lyon St S
Phone: 5419262144

I really had high hopes for this cute burger drive up joint. We normally hit Burgerville when going by Albany but thought we would try something different.... more...

Dari-Mart      (1)

Address: 1005 Queen Ave SW
Phone: 5419289326

Dari-Mart is pretty awesome! Some locations are better than others, but you can always rely on these places when in need of a quick mart. The locations... more...

G T Market      (1)

Address: 2250 14th Ave SE
Phone: 5419288080

I'm not sure they are still around. Last time I called them the number was disconnected. more...

LimeBerry      (3)

Address: 548 Pacific Blvd SW
Phone: 5419282194

Under new ownership! Great selection of yogurt, great selection of toppings. Price was right. Kids loved getting a treat and it was a nice quiet... more...

Starbucks Coffee      (5)

Address: 633 NW Hickory St
Phone: 5419286399

As usual, a very nice Starbucks, with good food, coffee and atmosphere. Friendly staff! more...

Mad Cupcake Love      (1)

Address: 561 Cameron St
Phone: 5419711181

Got my cupcake today at Sidekick's. It was delicious! I'm a huge frosting fan and I was very happy with my confetti cupcake. YUM! more...