Places to eat in Albany, Oregon

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Calapooia Brewing Company      (90)

Address: 140 Hill St NE
Phone: 5419281931

Awesome home brewed beer, and great burgers. Favorite place to get a burger at lunch. more...

Hasty Freez      (28)

Address: 655 Lyon St S
Phone: 5419262144

Just moved from the Bay Area. Great neighborhood hole in the wall. Yeah, the patties were frozen but would you expect grass fed for the price? The burgers... more...

Pepper Tree Sausage House      (41)

Address: 1125 Salem Ave SE
Phone: 5419281254

This place RAWKS! Fun, intimate, challenging space. Bright, witty, grumpy, (and ultimately) charming proprietor. Engaging service and the food?! Nothing shy... more...

Red Daisy Coffee Co.      (5)

Address: 115 Ellsworth St
Phone: 5419245668

I went to Starbucks to get some work done and it was freezing in there and not a seat left. I decided to find a local coffee bar and right over the bridge... more...

King Kone      (15)

Address: 1515 Salem Ave SE
Phone: 5419265668

Love this place. We started going his as kids for the best ice cream cone around. Thanks King Kone for always kicking ass and taking names. more...

LimeBerry      (3)

Address: 548 Pacific Blvd SW
Phone: 5419282194

Under new ownership! Great selection of yogurt, great selection of toppings. Price was right. Kids loved getting a treat and it was a nice quiet... more...

Brown Cow Coffee Company      (5)

Address: 2272 Santiam Hwy SE
Phone: 5419246849

Stopped in for coffee while driving thru Oregon. This place was the best for coffee, pricing, and service of any coffee stop during my travels. more...

Mad Cupcake Love      (1)

Address: 561 Cameron St
Phone: 5419711181

Got my cupcake today at Sidekick's. It was delicious! I'm a huge frosting fan and I was very happy with my confetti cupcake. YUM! more...

Dutch Bros. Coffee      (8)

Address: 2840 Santiam Hwy SE

It's an addiction. Couple that with the friendliest staff around & that's why we keep coming back. more...

The Human Bean      (7)

Address: 952 Hill St SE
Phone: 5419243831

A lot of the girls remember your order after only a few visits and are always super friendly and good looking. Also, if Dutch Bros hurts your tummy a bit,... more...

Orange Julius      (5)

Address: 1975 14th Ave SE
Phone: 5417919524

Feels so strange to go back there after about 20 years and it tastes just as awesome as it did before. Grew up here when the heritage mall had the "tilt"... more...

The Grocery Depot      (2)

Address: Bi-Mart Plaza
Address: 2206 Santiam Hwy

This place carries some awesome Amish made jams and salsa. I love their chocolate covered pretzels which are very reasonably priced. They also carry some... more...

Sweet Dreams Cupcakery      (2)

Phone: 5414208113

I am not a big cupcake person, but Sweet Dreams Cupcakes are like no other. The peanut butter chocolate have hunks of peanut butter inside an unbelievable... more...

Baskin Robbins 31 Ice Cream Stores      (3)

Address: 2705 Santiam Hwy SE
Phone: 5419269310

Complete opposite of the BR in Corvallis (good thing). Very friendly, courteous and helpful staff. I asked about the pre-packed ice cream which they had... more...

Monkey Fridays      (1)

Address: 300 SW 2nd Ave
Address: Ste 112
Phone: 5419679499

Great atmosphere! The sandwiches were good (chicken salad and Monkey Melt) but not amazing. We didn't care for the cold slaw but the Sugar Daddy latte was... more...

Starbucks Coffee Company      (4)

Address: 2504 Santiam Hwy SE
Phone: 5418122221

It has pretty decent coffee and nice baristas. I'm not a die hard fan of the place, but it has good drinks that switch up with the holiday seasons and a... more...

Liquor Stores      (3)

Address: 104 4th Ave SE
Phone: 5419261166

@Damien - Per Oregon law liquor stores aren't allowed to sell beer, only distilled liquors (ie. hard alcohol). Great store! Clean! Helpful staff :)... more...

South Fork Coffee & Water Company      (3)

Address: 134 Grimes St
Address: Ste 6
Phone: 5412842002

I manage our coffee and beverage program at work, so I deal with Southfork a lot. A couple of their reps look like old salty bastards but, if they have any... more...

House of Noodle      (1)

Address: 2025 Santiam Hwy SE
Phone: 5419280707

I just started using Yelp and was shocked House of Noodle doesn't have one review. I would be honored. This place is top notch service and food! Always... more...

Springhill Cellars      (4)

Address: 2920 NW Scenic Dr
Phone: 5419281009

Wonderful family Vineyard. Springhill Cellars owner/winemaker, Mike McLain, has truly honed his craft with, in my opinion, the best wine in the Valley.... more...