Places to eat in Lincoln City, Oregon

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McMenamins Lighthouse Brewpub      (87)

Address: 4157 N Hwy 101
Phone: 5419947238

It's a McMenamins. Not too much else to say. If you've been to another location and liked the food, you'll like the food here. As there isn't much pub... more...

Roadhouse 101      (104)

Address: 4649 SW Hwy 101
Phone: 5419947729

If I'd ever seen Roadhouse and/or knew anything about Patrick Swayze, there's a very good chance I'd have turned this review into a bit. Sadly... more...

Beachtown Coffee      (18)

Address: 2937 NW Hwy 101
Phone: 5419944488

Great coffee cake!! Very friendly service. Not the most robust coffee but still had good flavor. Inside was clean, warm and inviting atmosphere. Front... more...

The Attic Lounge      (7)

Had the Kalbi sliders & BBQ chicken pizza with my wife. Delicious, though the crust wasn't the best I've had. Server friendly & attentive. Music pretty... more...

Pacific Grind      (26)

Address: 4741 SW Highway 101
Address: Ste B
Phone: 5419948314

Great place for lunch and coffee I had the Harvest Chicken Salad, was planning on saving half for later, but couldn't stop eating. This is our go to place... more...

Barnacle Bill's Seafood Market      (31)

Address: 2174 NE Hwy 101
Phone: 5419943022

I went specifically on detour to get some of their smoked salmon on our way back from Pacific City. Yeah!!! It was well worth it. I might need to make a... more...

Rockfish Bakery & Cafe      (21)

Address: 3026 NE Hwy 101
Phone: 5419961006

A must when you are driving Highway 101. Masters of the craft of amazing food. Incredible coffee, perfect bread, delicious pizza, homemade yogurt and... more...

Grandma's Kitchen      (3)

Address: 660 SE Hwy 101
Phone: 5416141555

I want this business to make it. It has some rough edges. The breakfast food I had was good typical eggs and bacon, but it came on what looked like a... more...

Java Depot & Culinary Corner      (6)

Address: 4085 NW Logan Rd
Phone: 5419948333

I love this little shop in Lincoln City. Been getting Mochas here for years ( ignoring the Starbucks in the neighboring Safeway of course). This time mine... more...

Salmon River Pronto Pup      (14)

Address: 1252 Salmon River Hwy
Phone: 5419964844

Get your corn dog here!! and you don't even have to wait for the fair to come into town! I was here visiting the coast and couldn't believe my eyes when I... more...

Kenny's Iga      (7)

Address: 2429 NW Hwy 101
Phone: 5419943031

Nice clean store and opened on Thanksgiving! Surprised to find a store of this caliber in Lincoln City! No need to go elsewhere! Good prices and great wine... more...

Punk-N-Barrys      (4)

Address: 1646 NE Hwy 101
Phone: 5419947865

I stepped into Punk-N-Barrys on my last trip to Newport with a fried. At first we were not sure if we were going to stay, since there was a line, but on... more...

Mojo Coffee Co.      (42)

Address: 3565 NW Hwy US 101
Phone: 5416140596

the absolute BEST white mocha I've ever had. I really really wish i bought some beans when I was there. Will absolutely stop by again the next time i am... more...

Trillium Natural Foods Organic Grocery      (11)

Address: 1026 SE Jetty Ave
Phone: 5419945665

My love for this natural market has only grown over the years. Every summer I visit Lincoln City and every summer I do my shopping at Trillium. The... more...

Eleanor's Undertow      (7)

Address: 869 SW 51st St
Phone: 5419963800

*Great alternative to, Mo's (across the street) if you've got kids and/or teens. Eleanor's is a lot cheaper and offers a great family vibe compared to,... more...

Rusty Truck Brewing Company      (5)

Address: 4649 Sw Hwy 101
Phone: 5419947729

SO much fun on a weekend night. They have a tire swing hanging in the middle of the bar, what more do you need.....great food, happy hour specials and good... more...

The Cyber Garden & Tea Bar      (10)

Address: 1826 NE Hwy 101
Phone: 5419943067

As far as I can tell, this business is connected to, part of, or perhaps just what evolved into the Nepali Kitchen, which is the business next door and... more...

Logic In A Cup Espresso      (3)

Address: 5998 SE Hwy 101
Phone: 5419940002

We hit Allie's on our way out of town after a long vacation. We needed caffeine. One of the other drive thrus in town has a walk up window but wouldn't... more...

Captain Dan's Pirate Pastry Shop      (25)

Address: 5070 SE Hwy 101
Phone: 5419964600

What a little treasure!!! Wonderful bakery. Tried a cupcake, marion berry turnover and an assortment of cookies - butter, snicker doodle, peanut butter and... more...

Ocean Lake Liquor Store No 91      (9)

Address: 2409 NW Hwy 101
Phone: 5419942521

This is one of those "OMG what took me so long"-reviews.... I moved here a year ago -- and while almost every bottle of wine I attempted to move failed in... more...